Ricky Lawson

Ricky Lawson was a viewer and fan of Platinum Pictures Inc’s productions.
After a letter to DerarLorenzo.Com he became a cast member. Ricky was given
a chance to perform in DearLorenzo.Com episode 17 he returned in
DearLorenzo.Com episode 20. Fans liked Ricky and his exuberant personality
won the hearts of the Platinum Pictures Inc. team members. Ricky grew to
become friends with Lorenzo and Ms.Baby Boss.

When Ms.Baby Boss wanted to start an adult drama series she knew Ricky’s
acting and sexual energy would add to the project. Ricky was cast for the
series and stood out in the ensemble cast. He went on to star in his limited series called; She Likes Ricky.

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Blind Date

Blind Date

Anita has been set up on a blind date.  Watch as Lorenzo gives Anita a good rough sex fucking. We believe rough sex fans will like this rough sex fantasy.

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