Billie Gene

Billie Gene is one of the most promising adult video starlets we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Billie has a tiny frame but a big sex appetite. Incredibly flexible and attractive she brings an energy to her performances that is not often seen. Bille joined the Platinum team early 2011 and already been booked for several shorts. Billie Gene made her debt in TheRoughStuff.Com’s short Why You Cum Back and very quickly earning a fan base. If she continues to perform so dynamitic and remain so professional Bille Gene will become a fan favorite and rising star in the adult video industry.

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Y U Cum back

Y U Cum back

Watch as Billie gives into her inner slut. Enjoy the rough dick sucking, gagging, the extensive ball licking and sucking. If that doesn't move you, we think you'll enjoy Billie licking Lorenzo's ass and sucking his toes. There is also plenty of penetration. Lorenzo fucks Billie's pussy like a jackhammer as she cums all over Lorenzo's Dick. She is slapped and continually begs for more.

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