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Y U Cum back

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Billie Gene said she wanted a man to pay her car note, buy her a house and take her out to eat. She even claimed she wanted a man to marry her. When Lorenzo Loretto wouldn’t give her those things, she left him for a dude that would. But Lorenzo wasn’t fazed. Lorenzo knew she’d be back. Do you want to know why she came back? Here’s a clue: DICK! Hard dick and rough sex.

Watch as Billie gives into her inner slut. Enjoy the rough dick sucking, gagging, the extensive ball licking and sucking. If that doesn’t move you, we think you’ll enjoy Billie licking Lorenzo’s ass and sucking his toes.

There is also plenty of penetration. Lorenzo fucks Billie’s pussy like a jackhammer as she cums all over Lorenzo’s Dick. She is slapped and continually begs for more. Lorenzo, being the humanitarian he is, grants her wish and gives her even more, dick – this time, in her ass! Billie Gene cums over and over again as she gets ass fucked for your enjoyment. Lastly, Billie swallows Lorenzo’s cum with glee. Y U Cum Back or Why U Cum Back either way, you spell it this XXX short is HOT!

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