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Car Wreck

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If you’re a Lorenzo Loretto fan you know when Lorenzo is good when he plays bad. But he’s best when he plays a sexual psycho. Fellas hold on to your dicks and ladies rub your clits; because this rough sex short is a dark, erotic, sexy thrill ride.

Lorenzo plays a politically incorrect young man with psycho sex anger issues. When a minor auto accident is not resolved to his liking, he takes things to a thuggishly psycho level. But don’t worry, true to the Platinum Pictures Producers’ style, this rough sex fantasy is not hateful or cruel; our director Ms. Baby Boss manages to inject dark humor and satirical elements to keep the short movie on track. It is also clear, the female who is played by new-comer Samantha Snow secretly loves every minute of her sexual domination.

If you want a safe way to explore dark fantasies which should never be acted out in real life, you’ve found the perfect movie. Don’t miss the nasty, creative sexual positions, great acting and rough sex antics in this short movie.

This xxx short film is being offered through the “Rough Shorts” series Produced by TheRoughStuff.Com. This excellent xxx short is from Platinum Network, Inc.’s  Network Channel, “”.

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