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Spit Shine Ride

Release Day: | Duration: 22:15 | 252 | 0 Comments

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Did you mother ever tell you: “Don’t take rides from strangers?” Lucky for you Ms. Erotic Memories never learned that lesson. Another good thing: On hot days Lorenzo Loretto often looks for thirsty, hot bitches who really need a good face fuckin. After a few sips of Lorenzo’s special brand of water, any chick becomes a submissive little bitch willing to take orders and please the dick. The best part: There’s no need for cuddling afterwards because she won’t even remember she sucked you’re dick in broad day light, in the open outdoors.

The drink, like this flick, is some powerful shit. Lay back and enjoy a whore suckin and gagging on dick all over downtown Philly. Did I mention she gets bitch slapped? What else would you expect from Lorenzo Loretto and TheRoughStuff.Com series. Enjoy, Spit Shine Ride

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