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Car Wreck

Car Wreck

This rough sex short is a dark, erotic, rock sex thrill ride. If you want a safe way to explore dark fantasies which should never be acted out in real life you've found the perfect movie. Don't miss the nasty, creative sexual positions, great acting and rough sex antics in this short movie.



Ever want to see a really rough all oral scene with a pilot line? Your wait is over Don't miss TheRoughStuff.Com - Appreciation. This featured xxx short is from Platinum Pictures Inc. Network member Website “”.


Some Cumfort

Lorenzo proves he's a good guy by listening to the problems of women with man problems. No matter the problem, Lorenzo has one solution... Hard Dick! Watch as the latest round da way girl gets dicked on camera. Of course Lorenzo has her doing all the things she would never do with her man. Baby Boss Productions is pleased to present a Baby Boss Presents xxx Short; Some Cumfort.

Blind Date

Blind Date

Anita has been set up on a blind date.  Watch as Lorenzo gives Anita a good rough sex fucking. We believe rough sex fans will like this rough sex fantasy.

Give Me A Sign

Give Me A Sign

Lorenzo Loretto Plays a religious man who has an undercover slut for a fiance (played by) Eva Lynn. See what happens when a nice religious guy turns bad. We’re sure you will enjoy the dick sucking, ass eating and toe sucking in this rough sex short. The cum shot in this video will not be forgotten anytime soon. It Is not for the squeamish or religiously sensitive but, if you have a sense of humor and a great deal of freaky, this flick is for you.

Sandy’s Discipline

Sandy’s Discipline

When Sandy Knight first worked with Lorenzo Loretto (in she didn't swallow all of his cum. Now Lorenzo needs to give Sandy some Discipline. If you like rough sex this title is for you. Watch as Sandy becomes the perfect submissive bitch. This super hot rough sex short is one for the book and should not be missed.

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    The Platinum Pictures Network, Inc. orders 5 episodes of a new, adult scripted series, from Baby Boss Productions

    PHILADELPHIA- The “Platinum Pictures Network, Inc.” has ordered five episodes of a new, scripted adult short film anthology series, from Baby Boss Productions LLC. The returning series, Baby Boss Presents…, will stream exclusively on The Platinum Pictures Network primarily thru the Network owned, Baby Boss Productions channel. The Chief Executive Officer of the Platinum Pictures […]

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    Launch of a network…The Platinum Pictures Network

    PHILADELPHIA- The “Platinum Pictures Network, Inc.” an east coast adult entertainment company, has launched its long-awaited internet video network. At launch, The Platinum Pictures Network consist of the following web channels:,,, and TheRoughStuff.Com The channel is our network display channel. This channel streams featured videos from each of the other channels. […]

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